Vinosus Jewelry Sleeping Droplet Colored Pearl Earrings
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Sleeping Droplet Colored Pearl Earrings

Artist: Vinosus Jewelry

The Sleeping Droplet Colored Pearl Earrings feature a single pearl resting on brushed sterling silver. With a wide range of pearl colors to choose from, why not get one of these sterling silver and pearl earrings in your favorite color? Each pair of Sleeping Droplet colored pearl earrings is handmade at the Vinosus studio in Seattle, Washington.

Offering a magnificent blend of metals, pearls, and gemstones, Vinosus artist Marty Kneeland's jewelry designs are innovative in design and undeniably elegant.

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Dimensions: .75"L x .50"W

Ships In: 3-5 days

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opt thumb White  White

opt thumb Red  Red

opt thumb Christmas Red  Christmas Red

opt thumb Fuschia  Fuschia

opt thumb Light Purple  Light Purple

opt thumb Rose Pink  Rose Pink

opt thumb Lavender  Lavender

opt thumb Electric Blue  Electric Blue

opt thumb Aqua Blue  Aqua Blue

opt thumb Copper  Copper

opt thumb Black  Black

opt thumb Chocolate  Chocolate

opt thumb Apple Green  Apple Green

opt thumb Forest Green  Forest Green

$66.00 + Free Domestic Shipping


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