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  ·  By Spencer Peterman

This beautiful handmade wooden bowl, by renowned wood artist Spencer Peterman, is perfect for display or for everyday use. Spencer's wooden bowls and handmade from a single piece of wood and are all food-safe. Please note that while the 11" bowls are all similar to the one pictured each piece is unique and the photo is for representational purposes only. Spencer creates his unique handmade wooden bowls at his studio in Turners Falls, MA.

  • Dimensions  ·  Approx 11" Across


Sorry, but this item is currently out of stock. Please email us at regarding availability as we may already have more on the way.

Always on the lookout for fallen trees in the woods, Spencer Peterman uses a variety of beautiful hardwoods to create his handmade wood bowls, cutting boards, and napkin rings.

Hidden in trees - especially the ones covered by moss and dirt - is wood disfigured by the beginnings of decomposition. Turning that wood on a lathe produces strikingly unique pieces of art. Spencer is keen on being green by using only already fallen trees from the woods around his studio in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. Visit Spencer Peterman's Gallery »

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