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Recycled Glass Ornaments

  ·  By Smart Glass

These recycled glass ornaments are perfect for making a statement or enjoying the simple beauty of glass. Artist Kathleen Plate's Recycled Glass Christmas Ornaments measure approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and showcases the beautiful green stained-glass of a recycled bottle. Kathleen cuts cross-sections of old glass bottles, then smooths them in a hot kiln, a glass-working technique called slumping. These unique recycled glass ornaments are handmade in Atlanta, GA. Call them recycled, upcycled, or re-purposed, just don't call it them garbage! Price is per ornament.

  • Dimensions  ·  Approx 2.5"
  • Ships In  ·  Ships in 2-5 days

$28.00  +  Free Domestic Shipping

Jewelry artist Kathleen Plate makes her line of recycled glass necklaces + earrings from old wine, beer, and even Coke bottles! Using a combination of vibrantly colored stained glass and sterling silver, each piece is made by hand. Visit Smart Glass's Gallery »

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