Glass Artists

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Jody Fine   ·   A master of his craft, glass artist Jody Fine makes beautiful sculptural pieces, bowls, and glass wine stoppers from his intricately detailed glass marbles. A recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts master-apprenticeship grant, Jody's marbles and other glass works are in numerous collections including the Smithsonian and Bill Clinton's White House collection.

Medium Fused Glass BowlClassic Fused Glass BowlDeep Fused Glass BowlShallow Fused Glass Bowl

Brenda Griffith   ·   Artist Brenda Griffith's fused glass bowls and plates are beautiful and durable, as well as both food and dishwasher safe. Brenda has been making fused glass art in her Austin, Texas based Siyeh Studio for over 20 years now, and her glass pieces display vivid colors and unrivaled intricacy.

Multicolored Glass Napkin RingsGreen Art Glass OrnamentGlass Angel Ornament - PinkGlass Angel Ornament - Purple

Boyce Art Glass   ·   Boyce Art Glass makes colorful and intricate art glass ornaments, napkin rings, bowls, and vessels. Kevin Boyce started working in glass production after graduating from high school in 1977. After working with glass for 22 years, Kevin's dream of starting his own business became a reality in 1999 when he founded Boyce Art Glass.

Art Glass Ball Ornament - RedArt Glass Ball Ornament - MulticoloredBullseye Glass Ornament/SuncatcherGlass Bowl - Red

Jim Loewer Glass   ·   Glass artist Jim Loewer is heavily influenced by the Japanese craft and the American studio glass movements. His art glass vases, bowls, and ornaments display stunningly intricate coloration and flowing, organic forms. All of Jim's hand blown and lamp worked borosilicate glass is created at his studio in Philadelphia, PA.

Small Glass Ornament - TealSmall Glass Ornament - WhitePointed Glass OrnamentCaramel Glass Perfume Bottle

Shiloh Hunkapiller   ·   Shiloh is a borosilicate or hard glass artist who uses lampworking techniques to create a wide range of glass art, from marbles to wine stoppers to intricate vessels.