Ceramics Artists

Shallow Stoneware Bowl - RustStoneware Bowl - MossStoneware Soup Bowl - Brick AshSmall Stoneware Tea Bowl - Brick Ash

David Voll Pottery   ·   Artist David Voll has made his living crafting fine stoneware pottery for the past 30 years. David's unique handmade stoneware features beautiful glazes and has been displayed at galleries in Paris, Philadelphia, and Tokyo.

Ikebana Vase - Black Wave - RoundIkebana Vase - Red Zen - RoundIkebana Vase - Red Zen - SquareIkebana Vase - Blue Zen - Round

Georgetown Pottery   ·   Ceramics artist Jeff Peters founded Georgetown Pottery in 1972 and has been making beautiful glazed pottery ever since. Georgetown pottery's beautiful ceramic ikebana vases are adorned with both glazes and brushed patterns, giving a beautiful way to display your flowers.