Georgetown Pottery

  ·  Originally from California, Jeff Peters, started Georgetown Pottery in 1972 in a one room log cabin on the Rocky Isle of Georgetown on the coast of Maine. Jeff had moved to Maine with some college friends from the University of New Mexico following the completion of his third year as a ceramics student. After working at a ceramic workshop during the summer, Jeff and his friend, John Okie, purchased that small log cabin that was for sale near Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine. After a few years John decided he wanted to go start his own pottery shop in Wiscasset and called it Sheepscott River Pottery. Jeff continues on as Georgetown Pottery.

Georgetown pottery's beautiful ceramic ikebana vases are adorned with both glazes and brushed patterns, giving a beautiful way to display your flowers. The ikebana vase's design also extends the life of your flowers, keeping them fresh for up to 3 weeks.