Blue Eagle Pottery

  ·  Ceramics artist Robert Blue creates handmade stoneware pottery that is equally functional and decorative. Classically trained, Bob has a BFA in design from Northern Illinois University along with a Masters degree in ceramics. He has been working in clay since 1967 and currently works exclusively in stoneware clay for production pottery. With asstance from his wife, Susan, also a ceramic artist, teacher, and founding member of the Clay Worker’s Guild of Illinois, they have over 90 years of experience in the ceramic arts.

Blue Eagle Pottery is offered in two unique glazes...
Soft White : A warm soft white, creamy in texture, sometimes has a hint of a very light cinnamon look. The accent colors on the soft white are teal and toast with streaks of black and watermelon to create a stylized southwest landscape appearance.
Oil Spot Blue : A deep blue with navy and black speckles resembling an oil spotted effect. Accented with a snowy white with blue speckled stripe and rim, as well as a dark navy stripe.

Their handmade stoneware pieces are highly functional and are all dishwasher & microwave safe. With proper care they can be used in the oven, but are not recommend for direct heat (stovetop). Each piece is lead free, non-toxic, unique, and hand-crafted. With proper care, stoneware will last for thousands of years. Robert Blue has been creating his unique handmade stoneware pottery at his studio and gallery in McHenry County, Woodstock, Illinois since 1984.