Michael Michaud Quaking Aspen Jewelry

  ·  Michael Michaud's Quaking Aspen Jewelry is inspired by one of several species of deciduous tree. Scientifically classified as Populus tremuloides, the Apsen is also known as 'Trembling Aspen', 'American Aspen', 'White Poplar', or 'Golden Apsen'. These trees feature tall trunks and glossy green leaves, dull beneath, that change from golden to yellow in the autumn.

The quaking aspen is the glory of autumn. It is most abundant in the American West, where it grows the tallest and where the autumn splendor of its leaves is most brilliant. Glowing in all shades of gold, the leaves flutter incessantly in the wind because of their uniquely flattened stems. Its true beauty is against the background of evergreens, spruces and pines where the golden flames of the aspen light the surrounding hills. Due to these features, The quaking aspen is the State Tree of Utah.

Each piece of jewelry is cast in bronze and hand patinaed. Michael Michaud's Quaking Aspen Collection is handcrafted in New York City.
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