Michael Michaud Survivor Tree 2-Tone Jewelry

  ·  Created in collaboration with the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York, the Survivor Tree Two Tone Collection features leaves of the Callery Pear Tree cast in bronze and finished in silver and copper/gold tones. The Callery Pear tree was found among the rubble and nursed back to health, earning it the nickname "Survivor Tree". Originally planted at the site of the World Trade Center complex in the 1970's, a Callery Pear tree was discovered weeks after 9/11. Found with snapped roots and a blackened trunk, it was nursed back to health. It measured 8 feet at the time of the attacks and now stands over 35 feet tall. It was replanted at the site in 2010 and stands as a testament to the resilience of both the city and country.
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