Calliope Jewelry

  ·  Artist Alena Fisse-Karr is the creative force behind Seattle-based Calliope Jewelry. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest and traveling the world has instilled in Alena a deep appreciation for nature's grandeur. She is fascinated by textures, colors and the facets of light seen in stones, plants and clouds. Alena finds beauty in small details that often go unnoticed, from shapes in coffee foam to snail trails and wood grain. She uses these forms as inspiration when working with beautiful metals, pearls, and semi-precious stones.

Calliope Jewelry is the marriage of Alena's love for nature and her many years of experience making art. She has had formal training in metalsmithing, wire wrapping, design, and photography and has studied jewelry making under artists around the world from Seattle to Bali. Her goal is to make jewelry that is timeless yet modern, whimsical yet sophisticated. Her hope is that her customers will enjoy wearing her jewelry at least as much as she loves making it. With an eye for elegance, composition and style, she brings you the Pools of Light collection.

The Pools of Light collection uses oxidized sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, rock quartz crystal, labradorite, pyrite, moonstone and freshwater pearls.

The Shades of Grace collection uses oxidized sterling silver, labradorite, quartz, green and blue quartz crystal, green amethyst, lapis, kyanite, moonstone, blue chalcedony and iolite.