Lisa Schallert

  ·  Lisa Schallert resides in Philadelphia and has been designing and making jewelry professional since she was 18. Although her early life saw her work with fiber arts, designing and sewing clothing, embroidering, and weaving it was when she was attending the Philadelphia College of Art that she met an established jeweler and discovered that she had a real affinity for metalwork. She spent 14 years working with jeweler Douglas Randall to hone her skill and ability to translate a love of natural history into 18K gold and enamel jewelry. In 1991 she opened her own studio, Animal Vegetable Mineral (AVM).

Lisa's “beasts, bugs and botanicals” collections includes jewelry, tableware and home accessories in various metals using the lost wax casting method. Although she works primarily in silver or gold, her collections have begun to feature other metals; silver and brass, brass and copper, stainless and brass. Animal Vegetable Mineral remains a one person company with a very small output. Lisa relishes the hand-on work of creating and finishing each individual piece as it allows her to maintain the highest possible standard of quality. Each piece of Animal Vegetable Mineral jewelry is handcrafted in Lisa's studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.