Sea Stones Stone Wine Bottle Stopper 23
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Stone Wine Bottle Stopper 23

  ·  By Sea Stones

Handmade Bottle Stopper with a handle made of a smooth, appealing stone gathered by the artist. This stone bottle stopper will bring a classy feel to any dinner party or get together. Replace that boring cork with a beautiful handmade wine stopper. Sea Stones' stone bottle stoppers are handmade in Windham, NH.

  • Dimensions  ·  3-3.5"L
  • Ships In  ·  Ships in 2-5 days


Partners Arra David and Anne Johnson gather smooth stones from rivers and private beaches to make their beautiful stone wine stoppers. Whenever a stone is collected from the shoreline, a new stone (purchased from a quarry) is planted in the water in its place. Visit Sea Stones's Gallery »

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