Georgetown Pottery Ikebana Vase - Peacock - Square
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Ikebana Vase - Peacock - Square

  ·  By Georgetown Pottery

A graceful and elegant way to display flowers, this handmade ikebana vase is a gift that is always welcome. The unique design contains prongs that pierce the flower's stem, allowing this ikebana vase to keep your blooms fresh for up to three weeks! The kenzan (or floral frog) is approximately 1" diameter and the circular opening is 1.25". Georgetown Pottery's ceramic ikebana vases are handmade in Georgetown, Massachusetts.

  • Dimensions  ·  4.75" Across
  • Ships In  ·  Ships in 2-5 days


Ceramics artist Jeff Peters founded Georgetown Pottery in 1972 and has been making beautiful glazed pottery ever since. Georgetown pottery's beautiful ceramic ikebana vases are adorned with both glazes and brushed patterns, giving a beautiful way to display your flowers. Visit Georgetown Pottery's Gallery »

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