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Piper Collar Leaf Necklace

  ·  By Michael Michaud

The Piper Collar Leaf Necklace by Michael Michaud Design is cast from a mold made from a real peperomia puteolata plant leaf. The necklace is cast bronze and finished with patina, gunmetal, and 24kt gold finishes. The necklace is strung on a bronze link chain that secures with an adjustable lobster clasp. Handcrafted at the Michael Michaud Jewelry studio in New York.

  • Dimensions  ·  3" x 1.5" Bronze Leaves, 18" Adjustable Chain
  • Item Code  ·  9300BZ

$151.95  +  Free Domestic Shipping

Sorry, but this item is currently out of stock. Please email us at regarding availability as we expect to get more in stock soon.

Artist Michael Michaud has been creating his Silver Season Jewelry collection since 1992 and has mastered the skill of manipulating molds into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Michaud describes his work as "copies of nature" since each piece is created directly from natural elements.

Michaud currently resides in Fairfield, Connecticut with his family and is proud that his wife and three children are all involved in his business. Michael Michaud's Silver Seasons Jewelry is handcrafted in New York City. Visit Michael Michaud's Gallery »