Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Peas in a Pod Necklaces
Michael Michaud

Match the number of pearls to the number of 'peas' in mom or grandma's 'pod' for a great personalized gift - available with 1-7 pearls in green patinaed bronze, 1-5 in solid sterling silver, and 2-4 in gold plated bronze. Now she can keep her cherished little ones close to her heart at all times!

'Protect This Woman' Jewelry
Lucinda Moran

Lucinda Moran's signature collection mixes sterling silver, gold and precious stones. Each piece of jewelry hand-stamped with the phrase "Protect this Woman".

Beehive Handmade

Jim Dowd and Sandra Bonazoli design and create beautifully crafted, heirloom-quality pewter decor, including a number of baby items, perfect for the new mother in your life!

Origami Jewelry
Cindy Ng

Cindy Ng's unique origami jewelry is folded by hand from sheets of fine silver. She incorporates classic origami designs like the crane and lotus along with more whimsical designs like hearts and fortune cookies.

Patricia Locke Jewelry

For over 30 years, Patricia Locke's jewelry has been recognizable for it's asymmetrical geometric design and it's classic, heirloom sensibilities. Patrica's jewelry is fabricated with great attention to detail in pewter and bronze.

Natural Wood Picture Frames
Evergreen Wood

Add a favorite photo of for a unique and meaningful gift. These wooden picture frames showcase the natural edge of the wood - a simple way to bring a bit of nature's beauty into the home!

Botanical Jewelry
Michael Michaud

A long-time customer favorite, Michael Michaud's unique botanical jewelry is perfect for spring! Each design is cast directly from its respective plant in order to capture the beauty of the natural world.

Bottle Stoppers + Wine Gifts
Various Artists

Browse our wine gifts, including bottle stoppers, wooden serving boards, and wine glass charms.

Tea & Coffee Gifts

Who doesn't love either a warm tea or coffee break during the day, or at least a relaxing herbal tea after a long day? We can't imagine anybody like that exists.