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Wall Mounted Bird Coffee Scoop

  ·  By Beehive Handmade

The Bird Coffee Scoop by Beehive Handmade is a cheerful addition to your morning routine. Each coffee scoop measures one tablespoon and is hand cast from lead free pewter. The scoop includes a pewter hook that quickly attaches to your wall with one screw (included), so you'll be able to find this spoon even when you're still half-asleep. Each spoon and hook come nestled in a gift box with a cute card describing care instructions. Please hand wash this spoon to keep it looking its best.

  • Dimensions  ·  6.5" (16.5 Cm) Long
  • Ships In  ·  Ships in 2-5 days


Beehive Handmade is made up of husband and wife team Jim Dowd and Sandra Bonazoli. Inspired by the design of old kitchenware and home decor items that they found at estate sales and flea markets, they are dedicated to creating heirloom-quality items that are both functional and decorative.

Jim and Sandra have been producing their unique collection of pewter home decor items since 1999. Beehive handmade's metalsmith pieces are handcrafted in Bristol, Rhode Island. Visit Beehive Handmade's Gallery »