Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Two Peas in a Pod Necklace
Michael Michaud

The perfect gift for the woman who you feel just like "two peas in a pod" with! Also available in sterling silver.

Protect This Woman Bracelet
Lucinda Moran

Lucinda Moran's signature Protect This Woman Bracelet is made of sterling silver with 18k and 14k gold. Each bracelet been stamped with the phrase Protect this Woman on the inside.

Natural Wood Picture Frames
Evergreen Wood

Add a favorite photo of for a unique and meaningful gift. These wooden picture frames showcase the natural edge of the wood - a simple way to bring a bit of nature's beauty into the home!

Heart Jewelry
Various Artists

Browse our selection of jewelry containing hearts.

Origami Jewelry
Cindy Ng

Cindy Ng's unique origami jewelry is folded by hand from sheets of fine silver. Strong and graceful, the Crane has always been a positive symbol representing good fortune, long life and happiness. Because they mate for life and show such devotion, Cranes are symbols of goodness and loyalty.

Dried Flower Jewelry
Shari Dixon

Shari Dixon's unique jewelry showcases the beauty of nature, with real dried and pressed flowers and other botanical elements preserved in resin.